About Linda


Linda has been an agent in the Lake Almanor area since 1991. She was owner/agent with her family firm, Plumas Properties, from 1991 to 2014 and broker of record since 2010. As family members approached the decision to retire, Linda made the decision to join the family at Kehr/O'Brien.


According to Linda, "What our clients at Plumas Properties loved about us was the family atmosphere, quality of service and personal values that we brought to each transaction. I made the decision to join the team at Coldwell Banker Kehr/O'Brien because their philosophy and values will allow me to carry on the traditions of my family. I believe that becoming part of this larger team will benefit my clients as well as my enjoyment and growth within the profession. "


Linda's distinguished career in real estate includes her participation in the Plumas Association of Realtors as Board President in 2003, as a member of the MLS committee for 13 years and receiving the Realtor of the Year Award in 2008. Her work with the Plumas Association of Realtors led to involvement with the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and active participation in CAR's Governance Work Group.


Linda's active involvement in her profession and community have been integral to her success as a Realtor and the quality of life she and her husband, Kirby, enjoy in the Lake Almanor Basin. She has served on numerous community Boards: Plumas Arts, Lake Almanor Community Foundation, Plumas County Tourism and Plumas Corp.


Linda believes that one must treat buyers, sellers and their peers with respect, honesty and integrity and the same care they would have for themselves. She says, "In my work in real estate the client always comes first. The fiduciary trust I enter into with each client is paramount. It is their needs that I am in this business to serve. If I serve them well, I am satisfied and rewarded."


Linda Pohler helped me over several years understand the Lake Almanor vacation home market. She patiently learned (through touring me through many homes) what I was looking for. When the right home that fit my family's needs came up for sale, she negotiated the purchase and we bought what has now become 10 years of wonderful family vacation memories. After our purchase, she is the go to person for help with contractors, service providers and Lake Almanor advice. Linda has become an extended family member-(although unlike most family, she is helpful)!

We unequivocally recommend her to all of our friends as the best real estate agent in Lake Almanor.

-Jody Gessow

Working with Linda Pohler is a pleasure. Her knowledge of the Lake Almanor area market, attention to detail, understanding the needs of the buyer, ability to act quickly in identifying problems, concerns and procuring appropriate decision making information make her a valuable partner in purchasing a home.

Linda is always available to us when needed. She helps us refine our expectations and then finds homes that meet our criteria. Everything she does for us is handled in a professionally and timely manner. We would highly recommend Linda.

-Lonny and MaryAnne Retzloff

I had to write to express our sincere gratitude for the assistance Linda Pohler provided us in our recent home purchase. Linda's professionalism and knowledge of area were amazing. She listened to what we wanted in a new home and lined up a great list of properties to view. She made the day a fun time for not only my wife and I, but our two children. She is a skilled negotiator and we feel she made sure we paid a fair price.

Linda was also extremely diligent throughout the closing process to ensure everything remained on track. Our beautiful new home closed on time and at a fair price. Linda has continued to be a wonderful resource even after the closing. She is always available for questions related to the area.

I would highly recommend Linda to any of my friends or family who are looking to purchase homes in the area.

-Kevin G. Stroupe, CFO/VP Clark & Sullivan Construction

I first called Coldwell Banker when I began my search for a property at Lake Almanor because of the great experience I had in the past with them when I purchased properties in Tucson, AZ and Aptos, CA. You answered the phone, and how lucky I was—I have been very impressed by your level of service, bringing in the right professionals when we needed to answer questions is at the top of my list, as well as your promptness on always getting back to me in a timely manner. You have definitely carried on the great, positive experience that I have had over the years working with Coldwell Banker.

-Lynne D. Harker, CFO/CEO PEI Placer Electric Inc

Should anyone be interested in my experience with Linda Pohler as a real estate agent I would be pleased to state that my wife and I have never found a more trustworthy, loyal, dedicated and professional agent than Linda. We met over the phone over 14 years ago and she proved to be not only experienced but willing to go the extra mile to please us as clients. Her sense of humor and her knowledge in real estate allowed my wife and I to travel 1600 miles to meet with her and make a purchase for a cabin that we have dreamed of for many years. Our experience with her can only be described as outstanding.

-Ken and Nancy Conley

Linda Pohler was the most resourceful, accommodating, and honest agent to work with as we looked for a vacation home. Her knowledge of real estate and understanding of our needs throughout the process enabled us to find the best home to suit our desires. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a new home or 2nd home. At a time when many things are confusing and overwhelming, the endeavor of buying a new home was seamless and enjoyable.

-James and Jennifer Reynolds